• Cleaning Products Carrier. Pouch, Bag & Belt in Royal Blue
  • Cleaning utility belt in Tan

    Great for cleaning your home.

  • Cleaning supplies tote substitute in Olive.

    great for cleaning your car, boat or RV.

Cleaning Belt for Professionals

Especially for janitorial and housekeeping services Chorebelt is designed to be durable, attractive, and have flexible functionality to help you get your work or projects done quickly and safely. Increase efficiency, save time, improve safety.

Stop lugging and juggling things back and forth or up and down ladders. With supplies at your side you'll be - HANDS FREE when you need to be!


For housekeeping and janitorial professionals. Carry what you need, at your side, to get the job done. Available in Olive, Royal Blue and Tan sets and separates. Double-wall constructed with urethane coated nylon for durability. Abrasion resistance.

Watch Chorebelt's Fun Video

Chorebelt® Animated Video from Chorebelt® on Vimeo.


Champion of Chores

The Many Ways To Use Your Chorebelt!

April 04, 2016

Work Smarter, Not Harder With The Champion of Chores Chorebelt Used Primarily By Janitorial & Housekeeping Professionals Chorebelt Is Also Great For: Gardening - holds handheld shovels, pruners, clippers, seeds, bulbs... Household Cleaning - holds cans, bottles, cloths, sponges, vacuum attachments... Cooking - Utensils, potholders, hand towels... Grilling - spices, sauces, pot holders, hand towels, utensils... Painting Prep Work - scrapers, sponges, tape... Cleaning Windows - bottles, cloths, rags, & sponges... Dog Grooming/Walking - fur clippers, nail clippers, brushes, combs, leashes, treats, doo bags... Cleaning/Detailing/Waxing - car, RV, boat, holds rags, hand towels, cleaners, pastes, & waxes... Organizing - labels, markers, scissors...     Continue Reading →