• Cleaning Products Carrier. Pouch, Bag & Belt in Royal Blue
  • Cleaning utility belt in Tan

    Great for cleaning your home.

  • Cleaning supplies tote substitute in Olive.

    great for cleaning your car, boat or RV.



 Overbuilt for home use, used primarily by janitorial and housekeeping services. Chorebelt is designed to be durable, flexibly functional and attractive to help you get your work or projects done quickly and safely. Improve safety, increase efficiency, and save time.


  • Eliminate extra trips with supplies on your side.
  • Stop juggling supplies while on the ladder.
  • Clean faster and easier.
  • Makes lightbulb changing easier.
  • Bag and Pouch are dimensionally optimized to easily hold a variety of bottles, cans, cloths, sponges, brushes, vacuum attachments and more.
  • Double-wall constructed with 1000D durable nylon liner.
  • Outer wall 1000D and 600D durable nylon.
  • Three great colors. 
  • Superior performance and value to other cleaning tool belts.
  • Also great for vehicle detailing, gardening, painting, and more.
  • Chorebelt is well-built for the task unlike like other cheaply made, more expensive cleaning tool belts.

Be hands free, as you want to be.

Practical Sensible Convenient



For home and professional use. Carry what you need, at your side, to get the job done. Available in Olive, Royal Blue and Tan sets and separates. Double-wall constructed with urethane coated nylon for durability. Abrasion resistant.

Chorebelt Uses Video

Chorebelt® Animated Video from Chorebelt® on Vimeo.


Champion of Chores

Many Ways To Use Your Chorebelt!

April 04, 2016

The many ways to use Chorebelt.