April 08, 2015


Big Wooly, a review.



I was provided, at no cost, one floor duster and one furniture duster. I was not asked to write anything in exchange. All opinions expressed are my own and was not provided any other compensation for this review. Opinions expressed are strictly based on my own use, and/or experience with reviewed products.

A fourth generation family business, The Slack Dust Mop Company (Sladust®), has been making, all natural, wool dusters for over 100 years (since 1909). Clearly they have withstood the test of time and the “latest and greatest” from others. Their dust mops are made of 100% wool and being a fan of natural fiber for cleaning thought I’d review their dusters.

The #550, all wool, furniture duster with 10 inch fluff head and 76” detachable telescoping pole easily reached ceiling fans of ten foot ceilings without using a ladder. The wool draped over the top and sides of the fan blade to pull the dust off in one sweep. Ledges, tops of taller furniture, and the top of the refrigerator were all easily reached. It removed pollen dust from the outside tables, reaching nicely into the crevices. I also dusted the car; that plastic fin on the top rear of the car that produces static electricity when I try to use a microfiber did not get staticky using the wool duster.

 The #550 reached some really tight spaces, such as the sides and top of the refrigerator that were surrounded by cabinets. The actual duster fit into spaces as little as ¾ inch. The handle and/or pole diameter prevented reaching further than 10 inches into spaces smaller than 1 ¼ inches. Even so, the #550 is really great for getting to those tight areas.

“Big Wooly” #100 with the 11” x 18” dusting area head attached to a lightweight wood pole does a nice job of capturing fur from our dogs and it pulls the fur from where the chair leg meets the floor. I used to have to lift the chair to loosen or pull off the fur by hand, but the “Big Wooly” takes care of that without lifting the chairs.

On wood, ceramic tile floors, and even the smooth concrete porch “Big Wooly” did a nice job. I especially like the way it got down into the grout areas to dust them out. Other floor dusters felt like dust was being driven into the grout instead of out. Big Wooly actually did a better job dusting/sweeping the concrete than using a broom (not sure Slack Company would recommend this particular use). Much like the #550, the “Big Wooly” was able to reach some pretty tight spaces that no other duster I’ve used has been able to reach. It fit into the previously inaccessible 2 inch space of floor between the cabinets and refrigerator.

Overall the Slack dusters did a very nice job: furniture; ceiling fans; wood; ceramic tile; smooth metallic surfaces; car surface; even plastic surfaces that would otherwise become staticky when using microfibers (Slack dusters did not product that really annoying static).

Slack Wool Company recommends hand-washing and air-drying the mop heads. Just to test for readers I put one of the heads in the washer on “delicate” wash cycle then air dried it. The machine wash made the mop head very bushy, and even though it still works fine for me, you probably should not do this. Overall I like the wool dusters and use them often.

Slack dusters are made in the USA of renewable and sustainable wool. For more information on Sladust® products check out their website at www.sladust.com.

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