Our Story


Our core mission is to develop products that improve peoples lives by saving time, reducing effort, improving efficiency, and conserving resources.


Just like you, I love having a clean and organized home. It looks nicer, it’s easier to find things, definitely smells better, and is simply more pleasant to be in. When we take care of our things they look better, last longer, and reflect how much we care about ourselves, others, and our surroundings. There’s a sense of accomplishment, peace, and, dare I say, pride.

One day while cleaning house with the usual, leaving things behind, having nowhere convenient to put items, carrying things under my arms or lugging them around in a bucket, juggling things while on a step-ladder and generally things being less efficient  than they should be I thought “there’s got to be a better and easier way to do this.” I want to be able to get this cleaning and organizing done faster and still finish with everything looking great.

That's when I decided, “why not have something specially designed to go around my waist that will keep things conveniently at my side,” after all tradespeople get to have their tool belts that make their work a lot easier, so why shouldn’t we have something that will make things easier for the rest of us. I got to work at my sewing machine designing and constructing something that would really solve many of those problems with cleaning and organizing. While I’m at it why not have it be useful for many other things like gardening, walking my dogs, while cooking, or waxing my car. I also required that it be attractive, durable, and be flexible enough in design to suit many purposes.

Being the practical, realistic, and quite literal person that I am I decided to call my new product Chorebelt. It may not sound sexy, but it gets the job done. It'll hold lots of things like: bottles, rags, sponges, cell phones, leashes, gardening hand tools, vacuum attachments, and more.

    Additional Developments:

    Recognizing that water is among our most precious yet wasted resources, we have developed a car wash that will significantly reduce water use by 80% or more, it also allows you to clean your vehicle(s) indoor. Water conservation is especially critical in drought stricken areas. Conserving water is one of our obligations that we are happy to accept and we are thrilled to be able to help others conserve too!