Customer Comments

"I love the color, and the quality of construction."

"Chore belt is a wonderful idea to help get things done more easily."

"The best thing is I now can just put my phone in the mesh front pocket and stream my music and answer along the way."

"I no longer have to waste time going back and forth needlessly.  I am going to order another one for outside."

"Perfect for household cleaning and I especially like using it for cleaning my windows."

"The product is well made and easy to clean!"

"It is very versatile and easy to use.  Doesn't get in the way and looks appealing."


"Thank you to the makers of Chorebelt for this convenient product."

"My best friend told me about the Chorebelt and I am so happy she did it has helped me tremendously."

"Love this product and use it on all job sites.  My largest client also loved it when he first saw it.  This really does make my jobs easier and saves me quite a bit of time."

"Wonderful customer service."

"Thank you again for an awesome product."

"I love the idea of the product and compared it with man others like it."  I ultimately like your design the best."

"Has more capacity than any other similar product."

We love feedback so, please keep sending us your comments.  It helps other make an informed decision to purchase.

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